What You Should Be Doing Every Sunday to Have the Best Week

Sunday Scaries are the WORST, aren’t they?!  

I got tired of them real quick, so I developed a Sunday routine that allows me to relax while also being productive so that I feel like I’m putting my best foot forward while stepping into the new week.

If you’re ready to say goodbye for good to those darn Sunday Scaries, here’s what you should be doing every Sunday to have the best week!

What You Should Be Doing Every Sunday to have the Best Week

pancake stack

eat a yummy brunch!

Is there anything better than Sunday brunch?!  ABSOLUTELY NOT!

I looooove a good Sunday brunch, whether it’s a homemade meal or one that you bought from a cute breakfast eatery.

My favorite as of late is Kodiak pancakes with berries and chocolate chips sprinkled on top, and syrup drizzled all over.  And then, the best part, is diced potatoes on the side!

update your planner

This is probably my favorite part of my Sunday routine… updating my planner and calendar!

I love getting my colorful pens and markers out and filling in each day of the week. (:

I write in my classes, work shifts, and then make a list of all the things I want to do that week.

Sometimes, I’ll also jot down random ideas that I have, such as posting ideas.  It really helps me to have a physical location for everything I could imagine – plans, ideas, to-dos, and more!

My planner is basically a huge, colorful brainstorming session!

finish up any leftover work

I have a couple classes where my only homework assignment every week is due on Sunday, so sometimes I’ll have to finish those up.  But usually, I try to get them done ahead of time so I don’t have to worry about them too much over the weekend.

Other times, I’ll have homework due on Monday, so if I wasn’t able to get that done early, I’ll do it on Sunday.

Other than homework assignments, I usually don’t have much work I *need* to do on Sundays.  If anything, I might have to make a few phone calls or write up my blog newsletter for the week (you should sign up for that), but that’s it! (:

grocery shop

Nick and I will often go grocery shopping (or order groceries for pick-up) on Sunday, which is nice because then we have all our food for the week.

Don’t forget to make a grocery list! (;

clean up your living space

I feel best if my living space is nice and clean no matter what day it is, so I like to tidy up on Sunday in order to start the week off with a clear mind!

I’ll wash the dishes, put any laundry that’s laying around away where it belongs, sweep the kitchen, and just tidy up anything around the apartment.

We don’t do any deep-cleaning, just general cleaning so that our space – and our heads – are a little less cluttered. (:

get movin’

Moving your body on Sundays can really help set the tone for the rest of the week, and it just makes you feel good! (:

It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, but going for a walk or even just dancing around to your favorite songs can be an instant mood booster!

If you’re feeling like doing something a little more intense, check out a strength workout or go for a run!

relax & unwind

Sunday wouldn’t be Sunday without a little relaxing, would it? 

My favorite ways to unwind on Sundays are watching a show on Netflix with my favorite snack in hand, curling up with a blanket and good book, or taking a long, hot shower.

If you enjoyed this post all about what you should be doing every Sunday to have the best week, I’d love for you to share it with others so that we can all have amazing weeks!

Let me know what you like to do every Sunday to prepare for the week ahead in the comments. (:

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