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What is Bio Individuality?

What is bio individuality?

green bio individual plant

To put it simply, bio individuality is the concept that each and every one of us is unique and should be treated as such, especially when talking about health and wellness.

We know that we’re all distinct people, but we often don’t use this knowledge to create meaningful action.  Instead, we tend to lump people into categories and treat them as though everyone in one category will be extremely similar, especially in the realm of health.

This strategy comes with a lot of pros and cons, so I don’t want you to get the impression that finding similarities in people in order to treat them more effectively is a bad thing, but it is important to acknowledge the downfalls of this line of thinking.

Because we’re all unique bio individuals, none of us experience anything in the same way, which means that just because something works for one person does NOT mean it’s going to work in the same way for another.  There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach!

We often forget this when talking about health.  We think that because this new diet worked for a friend, it will work for us.  Or maybe you know someone who started this new workout regimen and it’s helping her reach her fitness goals, so you decide to try it, thinking you’ll get the same results.

But the fact of the matter is, our bodies are all different.  And that’s amazing!  We don’t need to do exactly what the person next to us is doing; we need to do what works for our bodies.  We need to pay attention to what feels good for us and do more of that!  

This is what the concept of bio individuality is all about: realizing that our bodies are unique and treating them as such.  It’s also all about figuring out what works best for each and every one of our bodies, even if what works for us is wildly different from what works for someone else.

Why is this an important concept?


Bio individuality is an especially relevant and important concept in the world of health and wellness because we have been spoon-fed this idea that all of our bodies can look a certain way if we do the right exercises and eat the right foods.  Many “professionals” claim that they know exactly how to help you feel your best, when the only person who can really do that is you!

We have created a culture in which we want other people to solve our health problems; we don’t want to do it ourselves.  And I get it, working through your health issues and trying to improve your wellbeing is a LOT of WORK.  But not only is it worth it to feel your best, it’s also amazing to finally feel like you’re the expert on your body, not anyone else.

Sure, others can definitely help us along our health journeys (that’s why I’m training to be a health coach!!), but it’s important to remember that YOU are the person that knows your body best.  You know when you feel good and when you don’t, what foods you love and which ones you hate, the most and least enjoyable forms of exercise.  One person’s favorite workout might not be yours, but as long as you both feel good, who cares?!

Many of us are following diets, exercising just how these “experts” have told us to, and yet we look nothing like them.  We usually don’t end up looking like the person on the ad with the slim waist and toned legs.  Why?  Because we aren’t them.

I could eat the same exact thing as you, do the exact same workouts, but my body would not end up looking exactly like yours.  Because we are bio individuals!  Our genetics, environment, hormones, and SO much more influence the ways our bodies work, as well as how they look, which means that we are not going to look the same no matter what we do!   

Because diet culture is feeding us the lie that we could all be slim and strong if we just do all the things they tell us to do, many people end up participating in harmful, sometimes extreme, behaviors in an effort to look like their body inspiration pictures because they want to feel successful.  

Instead of lying to ourselves and everyone else, it’s time for us to realize that our bodies are DIFFERENT, and that’s great!  We look, act, and think differently, which is what makes us unique!  How boring would it be if everyone was the exact same?  (Hint: the answer is EXTREMELY.)

This is why the concept of bio individuality is so important; we can change the narrative on what it means to be healthy!  Because, really, health is a bio individual ideal.  What health means to you is probably not the same as what it means to me, and that’s totally fine.  We’re all coming into this conversation with different experiences, beliefs, and ideas around health.  

Just because we all want to be healthy does not mean that we all want to exercise every day, follow a vegan diet, and meditate for an hour before bed. 

Looking at health through a bio individuality lens can help us connect with ourselves and figure out what truly helps us thrive.  It can also help us keep an open mind about what health means and the fact that each person’s “healthy” means something a little different.

How can we use the concept of bio individuality in everyday life?

green bio individual plant

Be curious and non-judgmental when it comes to health

Whether it’s your own health or someone else’s, it’s important to approach this conversation in a curious and non-judgmental way.  Explore the why behind something that makes you feel good (or doesn’t), try new foods and workouts, and don’t be so hard on yourself if something goes astray.  Likewise, don’t judge anyone else’s decisions; we’re all just trying to do what feels best for us!

Recognize that not everyone experiences things the same way you do

Because of bio individuality, we are each unique people who are not going to have the same experiences.  Even if we go through the same thing, we’re going to end up with different outcomes.  This is so important to remember when discussing our bio individual health because not everything that makes me feel good will do the same for you!  Just because I love running and eating a more plant-based diet doesn’t mean that’s enjoyable (or helpful) for you.

Make an effort to notice what makes your body feel good (and not so good)

In order to nourish ourselves properly so that we can fully thrive, we need to make an effort in noticing what makes us feel good, as well as what doesn’t.  Only YOU know what’s best for you – not your doctor, not your parents, not your friends.  These people might be able to provide valuable insight and helpful tips, but you know yourself better than anyone else. 

Pay attention to how certain foods, exercises, people, behaviors, habits, your job, and your environment make you feel.  And if needed, make some changes!!  If your living space is messy and making you feel stressed, clean it up!  If your job is draining your energy, brainstorm things you can do to make it less draining and talk to your supervisor – or quit if that’s what you really need.  

YOU are the only expert on you.  You are the only person who knows what is best for you and your body.  When you get to know yourself on a deeper level and know what makes you feel good, it is so much easier to live a happy and healthy life.

Explore the various ways one can be “healthy”

Because our bodies are so bio individual, we don’t all feel good doing things one way, which is why there are so many ways in which one can be healthy.  Each person has a different definition of healthy, as well, which is determined by multiple factors.  

To me, healthy is feeling fulfilled in ALL areas of my life.  To you, healthy might be something completely different.  It’s important to remember that there is no right or wrong way to be healthy because of bio individuality, which says that everyone experiences health differently.  



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