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7 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Don’t want your Valentine’s Day date to flop this year?  Are you ready to treat your valentine with the romantic, thoughtful date they deserve?!

I hope so! (;

Personally, I love planning dates, and I like to think that I’m pretty good at it (please don’t tell me if I’m not)… so I’m extremely excited to be here, helping YOU plan your special date!

7 valentine’s day date ideas

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paint or pottery night

If you want to get a little artsy fartsy, try a painting or pottery night!

There are lots of places where you can register for a painting night, and someone will teach you how to paint a certain picture… or you can have a paint night at home!

Head to Walmart, Target, or your local craft store and stock up on brushes, paints, canvases, and any other tools you may want to use!

For pottery, head to a local shop and pick out a piece (or two, or three), and decorate to your heart’s desire. (:

game night

If you and your partner like to get a little competitive, a game night is perfect!

Board games, card games, really anything works!  Just don’t start a fight on Valentine’s Day. (;

movie marathon

Pick out a few movies together, cuddle up with snacks and a blanket, and have fun!

This also works for all my long-distance couples out there… FaceTime while watching the same movie, and it’s *almost* the same.


Take your date out on a cute brunch date to an adorable local restaurant!!

Or make it at home!  Whip up some pancakes, eggs, bacon, and all the toppings you want, and enjoy breakfast in bed. (:

shopping spree

Treat you AND your date to a little shopping spree!

Buy some new clothes, shoes, a purse… splurge a little on whatever you’ve been eyeing. (;


Nothing like a little bowling and pizza date… you can get competitive, get out of the house, and have some fun!  

classic dinner date

If you prefer to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a classic way… dinner date it is.

Make a reservation at a nice restaurant, arrange to ride together to the place, and go feast!!

Don’t forget dessert. (;



If you enjoyed this post covering 7 Valentine’s Day date ideas, I’d really appreciate you sharing it so everyone has the best Love Day ever this year!! (:

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