Questions I’ve Never Asked My Husband

q+a with my husband

On my Instagram stories a few days ago, I put up 4 options and asked what people would want to read about for today’s blog post, and the most popular choice – by far – was a Q+A with Nick.  

I decided to do a “Questions I’ve Never Asked My Husband” style Q+A because I’ve been seeing these quite a bit on YouTube lately, and I think they’re so fun!  All of the answers on here are Nick’s word-for-word responses, so this should be fun. (;

what’s your favorite thing about our relationship?

N: My favorite thing about it is that we have almost no boundaries… we can act as weird as we want whenever we want.

This is definitely true (haha), but not what I was expecting him to say.  It makes sense, though.

what song makes you think of me/our relationship?

N: Till Forever Falls Apart – Ashe & FINNEAS

Fun fact: we almost incorporated this song into our wedding ceremony!

what do you think we’re really good at (a strength in our relationship?  what do you think we could work on?

N: I think we’re really good at trying our best for each other.  We want each other to be happy, and we act on that… but communication while we feel upset is not always the best.

when were you most proud of me?

N: I don’t really know why, because it’s not that big of a deal to me, but when you graduated high school, I felt really proud of you.  

I asked him if he had any other times he was proud of me (really fishing for some compliments here), and here’s what he said… 

N: When you got hit by a car and you were joking about it the next day – and you wanted to walk to class still. (By the way – Marissa here – I DID walk to class.)  AND when you were able to buy a car with your own money after your first car broke down.  

what would our ideal life look like?

N: Well, we would have our own medium-sized house with enough rooms for our 2-6 kids (big range, there) to have to only share 2 kids to a room (max).  We would go on dates once a week; we’d go on family vacations once a year; we’d have a family night once a week.  We’d be rich… but not too rich.  We’d have a lot of land, probably 2 dogs and a cat.  We’d have chicken, too – for eggs.  And we’d have friends over for dinner once every other week; we’d visit family often.  We’ll have some sort of tradition that we start with our family.  

what made you fall in love with me? (;

N: I think because it just felt really easy to open up to you, and you’re just as weird as me but super, duper caring and sweet – and not just to me, to everyone.   

if there was one thing you could change about me, what would it be?

N: Why did you ask that?  Well now I have to lie.  

where do you see us in 5 years?

N: Still married.  And still feel like we’re kids.  Maybe have a kid… maybe.  We’ll definitely have pets.  And I think the rest is a mystery…

(I think this is where he started to get a little antsy and I started to lose him.)

what’s your favorite thing about being married?

N: Everyone asking me how I got you to say yes.  Otherwise, it feels just the same as always.

what was your favorite part of our wedding day?

N: I think, weirdly enough, it was the ceremony – which I did not expect.  

Later, he told me he liked hearing and saying the vows (so cute).  I also loved our ceremony, so I’m glad we both enjoyed that so much. (:

how do you show me that you love me?

N: I do what you tell me to do.

*eye roll* but also, this is very much appreciated. (;

what do you want to name our future kids?

N: Jay Jay Henry, Luke Henry, Nick Jr., Jack Keith Henry, Alice Jean Henry

All of these are an absolutely not.

what are your favorite things about me and why?

N: What favorite things?  *giggles*  How small you are, how aggressive you are for your size, how caring you are, you’re really good at helping me relax… my FAVORITE thing is when you try to start a conversation right when I go to sleep.  

*another eye roll at that last one*

my most annoying trait?

N: Which one?  *laughs at his own joke, then actually thinks about the question*  Saying “What?” for no reason.

I do that a lot when he gives me a weird look, which is about all the time.

if we could do anything together, what would it be?

N: Have fun…?  I like going to theme parks and water parks with you.  I just wanna get hyper with you.

what excites you most about the future?

N: That you’re in it.  Urine.  Just living with you, living life with you – with a family.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading all of Nick’s weird (but sometimes cute) answers to these questions; we’ll have to do another Q+A sometime soon!  Stay tuned for next week – I’ll be posting three times instead of just twice! (:

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