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Our Proposal Story: Married at 19

On Sunday, February 28, 2021, Nick and I got engaged!  

Although I knew that he was going to propose soon, I wasn’t sure exactly when, so I was a little bit surprised (although not a lot, but we’ll get to that later).

We’ve never fully shared our proposal story (tiny details and all) with many people, so I’m excited to finally spill the beans on what went down!

I hope you all enjoy reading about our proposal story and celebrating one year since one of the most special days on my life. ((:

our proposal story

We woke up on February 28th in my dorm in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Nick had been staying over that weekend, but we were planning to drive the 75 minutes back to Waverly that morning so that I could stay with him for a night.

We both had plans to go on long runs that day, but Nick had offered to bike with me on mine (to which I said yes, obviously), so he had to get his run in before me.

While he was running around Cedar Rapids, I packed my bag for the night and got ready to grab breakfast with my roommates before we hit the road.

Later in the morning, we left Cedar Rapids and started our drive back to Waverly…


Nick was planning on proposing that day, but he was also losing his mind (his words, not mine).  He says he wanted to give me a long speech, but when he was trying to plan what to say in his head, he was already choking up.  So because of that, he wanted to just go for it because he knew it wasn’t going to be “perfect” no matter what.


I started my run around 3:30 in the afternoon, and Nick was right there beside me on a bike.  He was taking me on a specific route so that I could get my 10 miles in without doing a bunch of loops since I still didn’t know the area super well.  

It was a super windy day, so that added on top of the chilly winter temperatures made for a cold workout.

A little more than 4 miles into the run, we were coming to the top of a hill on some backroads when Nick told me to “stop for a second” and got off his bike.

At this point, I knew exactly what was happening.  In fact, I had a feeling that he might propose during the run the day before, but I tried not to get my hopes up because I didn’t think he had the ring yet.

Well, to my surprise, he did.

He stepped off the bike, walked over to where I was standing, and got down on one knee.

I, who had just stopped running, still had my one earbud in (blasting who knows what) so I hurried to take it out before he asked the big question.

Obviously, I said yes, and we both couldn’t stop smiling!

We were so happy, and we wanted to soak it all in, but we were also FREEZING just standing there in the wind.

Before we started moving again to warm ourselves back up, we snapped a few pictures together (so glad we remembered to do that!).

And then, we continued our run/bike ride.

engaged my ring

When we were finished with our workout, our first call went to our parents.  They had known that it was going to happen, but they didn’t know when, so they were pleasantly surprised (as was I).

Next, we called one of our best friends, Jeremiah (who officiated our wedding ceremony), and he actually had no idea we were planning on getting married, but he didn’t seem too surprised since we had been dating for a while.

After that, I called my roommates, who knew that we were planning on getting married soon, so they were excited but it wasn’t unexpected news for them.

And finally, I was able to get a hold of my best friend, Alex, who had been busy for hours and wasn’t answering her phone.

She didn’t know about our plan, so she was ecstatic!  And once I told her I wanted her to be a bridesmaid, she couldn’t wait to buy allll the bridal-themed things.

Once we had called everyone we wanted to tell personally, we could finally post it on social media (our parents were more eager to post than we were, honestly).

We were so excited to share the big news with everyone, and I’m so glad the proposal went as smoothly as it did.  Plus, it was perfect for us.

I know most people probably don’t want to get proposed to while they’re on a run, but Nick and I met because we both ran cross country in middle school, and running has been something we both love to do for years now, so it was perfect. ((:

All in all, February 28th will always be a special day for us, and I’m so glad we finally got around to sharing our whole proposal story with you!



Thank you so much for being here and reading our proposal story; if you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out some of our other relationship-related posts below!

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