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Our First Apartment Tour

Nick and I just recently moved into our first apartment together!  Before this, we had been living with friends and family, but now we have our very own place!

It’s been a little strange transitioning from always being around other people to having a space just for us, but we really love it so far. (:

As soon as we found out we could move into this place, I became SO excited to decorate and make it into our cozy, little home.  And we’ve done just that!

Our apartment is the perfect place for us to cuddle up and relax after a busy day, but it’s also where we love spending time with each other on those slow weekend mornings.

It’s so fun coming home to Nick every night after work, and I feel so grateful that we get to make this space our own.  

And I can’t wait to share our little apartment with all of you as well!  So without further ado, please enjoy…

our first apartment tour


When you first step into our apartment, you’re greeted by our cute little rug that I bought months ago at 5 Below.  And, of course, we have an adorable Christmas sign from Target.


christmas sign

coat closet

This closet is on the left hand side of the entryway, and it’s where we keep our outdoor clothing – coats, running shoes, winter running clothes, all that jazz.

There’s also lots of storage items in here – first aid kit, detergent, baking ingredients, empty boxes, etc.

coat closet

shoes in closet


The bathroom is on the right hand side of the entryway, and it’s super cute and cozy.  

On the counter, we have some decor and a holiday candle, and below that – in the cabinets – we have extra bathroom storage.  

I keep my hair tool organizer on top of the toilet because that’s the only place it fits, and then we have our wonderful shower right next to it!

girl taking picture in front of bathroom mirror

bathroom counter



As you can see here, we have lots of cabinet space in our kitchen.  Not too much counter space, but we make it work (see top of fridge), and, of course, some cute decor because why not?


kitchen stove and fridge

kitchen signs

kitchen counter


Our little sleeping area is sooo cozy.  We have lots of warm blankets and comfy pillows all over the bed, which is good because Nick absolutely HOGS every single one of the pillows.  

Super cute, super comfy, super cozy.


bed area

clothes closet

Our clothes closet is GINORMOUS.  We have more than enough room for our many clothes, and there’s even extra space to store some extra things in here (games, painting supplies, suitcases, extra decor, and more)!

clothes closet

living area

Our little living room is definitely in need of some work, but it’ll come together nicely when we have a little more money. (;

Right now, we just have a couple chairs (and they’re not the comfiest), but we make it work.  A lot of the time, we’ll bring some pillows and blankets over and lay on the floor to watch TV.  (Fun fact: we fell asleep on the floor our first night in this place, even though our bed was literally 10 feet away).

Eventually, we want to have a little dining table, but for now, we just eat in the desk chairs or on the floor.

We also have some more blankets and muscle recovery things in the corner, and the lights on the back wall are from our wedding!  They look sooo magical when they’re lit up at night. (:


garland decor

light wall

living room area


This desk setup is similar to what we had in our old room at the house we used to live at, but we never used it there.  Glad to say that has changed a little!

I, personally, love working at the desk right next to my Nicholas, so it’s been nice to do that more often.  Plus, we get to look out this huge window while we work!

desk wall

I’m glad we finally got to show you all our brand-new place!  Come visit us sometime. (;

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