My Christmas Wish List

santa baby… hurry down the chimney tonight…

I thought it would be fun to make a post all about what’s on my Christmas list – for a few reasons:

  1. I have family asking me what I want, and I sort of have a list but I really didn’t give a whole lot of thought to it.
  2. And also because I like hearing what others are asking for because it gives me a little bit of inspiration when making my own list!  Or even better… you get some ideas of what to get your own friends and family! (:

So without further ado… 

my christmas wish list

brown presents

A camera

I know next to nothing about cameras, photography, any of that… but I do love taking pictures and capturing memories!

My iPhone camera isn’t bad, but I would looove to eventually get a “real” camera that can take more high-quality pictures.  Plus, I think it’d be way more fun to take pictures on a camera rather than my phone. (:

Clothes (specifically jeans and leggings)

I have ONE pair of jeans that I actually like and ONE pair of black leggings that don’t have a hole in them. (‘:

I’ve really been makin’ my outfits work, though, considering I don’t have a ton of easy options for my bottom half.

A massage

Doesn’t everyone need one of these right now?

Apartment wall decor

We have so much wall space, and we were not prepared for it.  There’s an entire wall in our living area that’s empty right now, and I have no clue what to put on it… but here are some ideas that I’ve considered.

A wall map

Or maybe a wooden wall map…?

A framed custom map (maybe multiple for our huge wall?)

Canvas prints

A custom neon sign

I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO PUT ON OUR WALL.  Please help me out!

iPhone charging cord

I have lost or broken at least 3 charging cords this year, sooo yeah.


We do not have a microwave in our apartment, and Nick has been absolutely devastated about it.


We have one chair in our living area (besides our folding desk chairs), so a futon would really help round out the room and complete the comfy, cozy vibe I’m going for.

Small dining room table + chairs

I think it would be SO cute to have a little dining room table with just 2 or 3 chairs for us to eat our dinners at… tell me that’s not freaking adorable. (‘:

Face roller

I don’t know why, but these things look SO calm and relaxing.  And I need more of that in my life.

Native Sugar Cookie deodorant

This is the ONLY natural deodorant that works for me, and it smells SO SO SO good.  Literally smells like a sugar cookie… it is absolutely amazing.  Buy this, and you will not regret it one bit.

Plus, they sell plastic-free containers, so help out the earth a lil!

Dry brush

I don’t know very much about dry brushing, but it seems pretty cool… it’s supposed to help with circulation, digestion, detoxing the body, and just massaging the skin.  NEED.

Brown hair dry shampoo

I try to not wash my hair very often (1-2 times a week), so sometimes a little dry shampoo can be veryyy helpful.  BUT I usually don’t use any because it just makes it look worse when there’s a ton of white “dust” on my dark brown hair.

This brown hair dry shampoo is amazing, though!  My sister has it, so I used it one time (don’t tell her), and it worked way better than any other dry shampoo I’ve used.

Razor blade refills

What can I say, I’m a hairy gal?

Booty workout bands

I love home workouts, and booty bands are the perfect accessory for at-home sweat sessions!  

Workout mat

I have a workout mat at home, but I’m pretty sure my mom has taken it over, so the chances of it coming back to Iowa with me are slim. 🙁


Home workouts without weights are not as fun, ya know?


Isn’t this always on everyone’s list??

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