My 2021 Winter Favorites

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And I’m here to share all of my 2021 winter favorites!  Beauty products, songs, movies, TV shows, books, you name it!  

Let me know what your current faves are and if we had any of the same things! (:

my 2021 winter favorites

snowy trees

favorite songs

“Bright Blue Skies” by Mitch James

“Isabelle” by Zach Hood

favorite show

BoJack Horseman – Nick and I have been watching this for about a month now, and we both really like it!  It’s pretty funny and mostly lighthearted, but there is some depth to it.

favorite movie

I haven’t watched any movies in a while, but I’m really excited to watch The Polar Express and Elf when we go home. (:

favorite TikTok sound

100% the Taylor Swift/Joe Byron mix.  No debate.

favorite free time activity

I’ve been really LOVING reading lately, which is so fun!!

And, of course, I love hanging with Nick. (;

favorite book

The reason I’ve been enjoying reading so much is because of the book Unwell Women by Elinor Cleghorn!! 

If you’re interested in healthcare, are a woman, or just want to learn a lot about how deeply rooted sexism in healthcare is, GO CHECK THIS BOOK OUT NOW!

favorite everyday products

Native Sugar Cookie deodorant FOR SURE.  

And that’s about all I use, so…

favorite hair products

Hairitage shampoo and conditioner and scrunchies!

favorite go-to hairstyle

Unfortunately, all my hair has seen the past few weeks is a messy bun, BUT I think I’m wayyy better at doing a really good messy bun on the first try because of this.

On the other hand, my favorite hairstyle that I do if I don’t want to have to worry about my hair for days is French braids.  Straightening it is also one of my go-to’s, but I’ve been trying to stay away from using heat products lately (although I doubt a messy bun 24/7 is any better).

favorite go-to outfit

Umm… jeans or leggings and a cute, comfy top?  And by cute, comfy top I usually mean a long sleeve with cardigan, a sweater, or a crewneck.  Shoes are always my “white” (more like washed-out tan) slip-on Vans that I got for Christmas 4 years ago.

Obviously I am not a fashion blogger.

favorite go-to accessories

I always wear the necklace Nick got me for Christmas last year (it was on Etsy but I don’t have a link).  It’s the simplest little chain with an N charm, and I love it so much. (:

I also never take my Little Words Project bracelet off; my aunt got it for me for my birthday (shoutout Patty), and it’s sooo cute!

And, of course, my wedding band (fun fact: I’m getting a new ring soon because I may have accidentally bent my other one, whoops).  

I want to start wearing earrings more, but I always forget, so I will probably have to stab my ears next time I want to put some in (just hot girl things).


Call Her Daddy, Chatty Broads, and That’s What We Said!

favorite meal

I’ve been absolutely living for pesto pasta as of late… super yummy with some veggies and a meat substitute!

favorite snack

Chips and salsa has been really hitting the spot this past week, but I also love the sweet treats I’ve been making for the holidays!



I hope you enjoyed reading all about my 2021 winter favorites!  If you did, I’d love for you to share this post with friends, family, even strangers! (;

Let me know what some of your winter favorites are in the comments! (:

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