Minneapolis Day Trip + Seahawks Game

bucket list item completed!

On Sunday, I completed a bucket list item!!!  I have been wanting to go to a Seahawks game since 6th grade (8 years ago) and I finally did!!!  Nick and I both had the BEST time ever, and I’m here to share all the details on our Minneapolis day trip + Seahawks game experience!!

sunday morning

It was a pretty typical Sunday morning for us… Nick had a long run with his team, so he left early in the morning for that while I hung out at the house and tried to rest up for our busy day. 

Weeks ago, I had told Nick that I would drive both ways if he went with me because I wanted to go that bad and he was pretty hesitant to finalize plans.  So I knew I had to have enough energy to cheer on my team for 3 hours AND drive a total of 6 hours… I fell asleep SO fast once we got home.

After relaxing for a while and having a very slow start to the day, I curled my hair, got dressed, and packed my things.  Nick grabbed snacks for the drive, and we were shortly on our way.

the drive

Nick and I enjoy road trips and scenic drives together, so this one wasn’t much different.  We talked about a lot but also took time to really enjoy all the views.  It was a super pretty drive; my favorite part was seeing all the trees that were changing color!!  

After a couple pit stops, we were finally in Minneapolis!  It was definitely different from what we were expecting, but I think it surpassed our expectations.  We were surprised to find out that it wasn’t as big or busy as we had always thought.  It was also a nice surprise to see the downtown area because it was really cute!  

After hunting for a parking spot for probably 20 minutes, we found one at a nearby hotel and started the short walk to the stadium.  On our way there, we were stopped by two guys – one had a pretty big camera and the other was holding a voice recorder – and they asked us a few questions (interview-style).  Not sure if that made the local news or anything, but it was fun. (:

When we got to the stadium, there were TONS of people (as you might expect), and I think we were both a little shocked while taking it all in.

the game

Once we got inside the stadium, we had a loooong walk to our seats.  The closer we got, the more excited we became!  Finally we made it to what we thought were our seats – turns out we were in the wrong section, so we ended up having to move a little bit later (whoops).  

Once we were settled, we could really take it all in – and boy, was there A LOT going on.  The stadium was huge and loud and absolutely packed… there was so much energy, and I LOVED it.  

Seeing the players on the field felt so surreal… we knew that it was actually them, but it was hard to believe after only seeing them on TV for years.  Plus, they looked so small; it was like we were watching a video game.  

After we got (mostly) over being star-struck, we could really focus on the game.  The Seahawks had a good first half, but it was just downhill from there.  They lost 30-17, but I’m still so glad we got to go. (:

the drive home

On the way home, we picked up dinner at Culver’s and talked all about how awesome the whole experience was.  I even started shopping for tickets in Seattle, so I’m reallyyy hoping we can go to a home game over winter break.  

As soon as we got home, we crashed.  One of the best nights of sleep I’ve ever had.

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