Make Extra Money as a Student

make extra money as a studentmake extra money as a student

If you’re wanting some extra cash on hand, look no further!  I’ve found some easy (or relatively easy) ways to make extra money.  These are super convenient ideas specifically curated with college students in mind, but really anyone can do most of these.  There are tons of other side hustles out there, but I wanted to share ones that either I or someone I know has tried and had success in.  Of course, these are just my experiences (they’re not universal), so just because something worked for me doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for everyone. (:



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food delivery

This is definitely one of my favorite ways to make extra money as a student!  Very recently, I downloaded UberEats and DoorDash and tried them out for the first time.  Both of these apps are incredibly user-friendly, and I love the navigation systems linked to both and how they lay out all of their easy-to-follow instructions right there on your screen each time you’re making a delivery.  Plus, it’s nice to get paid for listening to music while you drive around. (;

PROS: Work on your own schedule, super easy job (you literally hang out in your car almost the entire time), can bring friends along with you, listen to music/podcasts while working, pays pretty well (depends on time/location)

CONS: Need a car (or bike) + license + insurance, have to pay for gas, is only worth it if you’re delivering near “hot spots,” regular restaurant rushes are the best time to work (lunch, dinner, etc.) so your schedule might not always line up with busy times

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If you enjoy working with kids, I definitely suggest trying to babysit for nearby families or applying to work at a childcare center.  Parents/caregivers and childcare centers are almost always in need of a little extra help, and if you have a good track record that fits with their needs, they’re likely to hire you!   

There are a ton of apps and websites out there for babysitters/nannies like, SitterCity, etc. but taking a quick look at employment sites like Indeed can also bring up tons of opportunities!  You don’t have to want to be a teacher or work with kids full-time in the future to have this as a college job; it can just be a fun way to make extra money as a student.  Working with kids isn’t for everyone, but it can be a really exciting job for those of you who enjoy high-energy, sometimes stressful situations.

PROS: Working with cute kiddos (if that’s your thing), jobs often available, might get to make your own schedule

CONS: Pay can vary greatly depending on where and who you’re working for, can be stressful


dog-sitting and/or walking

If you love dogs or other animals, pet-sitting and dog-walking might be the choice for you!  Apps and websites such as Rover,, and many others are out there to match you to jobs that fit your wants and needs.  You can also ask people that you already know if they need any help with these services, or just get the word out that you would be willing to help anyone if a job comes up.  While it might be hard to do this if you’re attending college far from home, offering pet-sitting services during holiday breaks may get you quite a few job offers.

PROS: Make your own schedule, hang out with animals, get some movement in (if walking or playing with them)

CONS: Pay can vary greatly, can be difficult to find people to work for


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If you don’t get squirmy around blood and needles, then I have quite possibly the easiest way ever for you to make a nice stack of cash.  Donating plasma is an incredibly convenient way to make extra money as a student while helping save lives!  There are a ton of different plasma donation centers are all over the country, so it’s usually pretty easy to find one near you.  

PROS: Pays well (especially when you first start donating), not very time-consuming (usually less than an hour and a half after your first donation, but it depends on where you go), a safe way to make money while helping others in need, most donation centers are open many hours of the day so it’s relatively easy to fit into your schedule, go on your own time, you are never obligated to donate so you can stop when you want to

CONS: Maximum number of donations is twice in a 7-day period, there are many things that could disqualify you from donating (temporarily or permanently), pay often drops significantly after your first month or so (but still not bad pay), you’ll have a needle in your arm for a while (usually about an hour), you’ll be exposed to the sight of blood, some health-related risks (they’ll inform you of these)

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open an online shop

Personally, I have never done this (I did sell some things on Facebook when I was younger, though), but I have seen others do it, and I’m sure it’s a great way to make extra money as a student (or at any stage of life) if you have something to sell.  For example, if you enjoy painting, drawing, designing other templates or clothing, sewing, knitting, making jewelry, anything that you think people would love to purchase and use… consider selling it!  You might just find that you love running your own shop and end up doing that full-time.  But if you try it and find it’s not for you, that’s okay too; at least you gave it a shot. (:

PROS: Work when you want, make money doing something you love, try something new, could become your full-time job

CONS: Can be stressful running a shop on your own, might be more time-consuming that you thought (depending on how long it takes you to create and how business is doing), might take time to get a lot of buyers

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sell your unused clothes

This idea is similar to the previous one but a little more specific.  If you are like most people and keep your clothes forever – even if they don’t fit or you don’t wear them or you don’t even LIKE them! – then it’s time to say good-bye.  You could always donate them, but if you are in need of some extra cash, selling them can be a pretty simple way to do so.  If you have a lot of extra clothes or other items to toss, a yard sale is always a great option, but so are things like Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, Mercari, and more.  Nowadays, it’s incredibly easy to sell your used items online to make extra money – as a student or not.

PROS: Fast way to make money, easy-to-use apps, clear out your clutter

CONS: Shipping costs, setting up a whole yard sale/posting a lot can be time-consuming


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 work study

If you’re currently a college student in need of a few extra hours of work, look into work study jobs!  These are positions that your college opens up to students who are eligible for work study through FAFSA.  But even if you’re not eligible for this benefit, you might still be able to find an on-campus job that doesn’t require work study eligibility.  Because these jobs are through your school, they should be able to work around your class (and sports, if that applies) schedule.  This is a great opportunity to make extra money as a student, so if you’re eligible, I highly suggest looking into it!

PROS: Works around class schedule, usually not super difficult work, can be put toward your student loans or given directly to you

CONS: Probably will be limited on the amount of hours/money you can work/earn

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