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Live a Happier Life: 5 Small Changes You Can Make Right Now

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Do you ever feel like your life has become boring and stagnant? Maybe your day to day life is just the same old thing. Or maybe you don’t feel like you are progressing through life as you hoped you would. These feelings are most likely leading you to feel unhappy and unfulfilled. I mean, who strives to live a boring life? No one. 

Living day in and day out feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, and stuck is just not healthy. It’s not good for your mental health and it’s not good for your spirit. Over time many people will give up on their goals and dreams because life is just not the way they wanted it to be. I totally get that but let’s remember who is in control here… you!

With small changes to your daily life you can not only turn your life around so you can get back on track with your goals but you will just be happier. Think of these small changes as being “happiness habits” that you do every single day that just make your life more full and bright. 

Societies’ push for constant self-improvement

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Before we jump into the actual how-to’s for creating a happier life, let’s talk about society and the ridiculous pressure that is put on people to be better. Personal development is a huge movement today. Everyone and their dog is reading self help books, hiring life coaches, and just focusing all their time on improving. While there is NOTHING wrong with that in itself, there is something wrong with feeling like you are not good enough right now. 

You don’t need the latest self help book to be a full version of yourself. You don’t need to constantly change who you are! Is it okay if you want to make healthy changes in your life? Absolutely! But please remember that you are also just fine the way you are so don’t change everything just because society has this weird obsession with personal development. 

Okay, now that that message is out of the way…

Setting goals that promote happiness and fulfillment


I think we all set goals for ourselves in one way or another. Whether you sit down and set big goals for the year or you set goals here and there, you still have goals and dreams for the future. Usually, when people talk about setting goals it’s something big or life changing. Buying a house, saving a certain amount of money, losing weight, starting a business, and so on. Those are all fantastic goals and can bring you so much happiness but what about setting goals that are purely just for your happiness right now? 

There is not enough emphasis on being happy in the present instead of being happy once you achieve something. What if you worked out just because you like the way it makes you feel and not to see a specific number on the scale? Or if you started a blog just because it was a fun outlet and not because you want it to be a side hustle or a business? How liberating would that be? How could that change your current life?

Try focusing on ways you can increase your happiness and fulfillment in the present day. Those small or big things that make you happy right now will be the things that make the biggest difference in your daily life. 

5 small changes you can make right now to live a happier life

colorful smiley face live a happier life

start a hobby just for fun

Have you always liked painting? Well, grab a paint brush. Have you always wanted to knit yourself a sweater? Give it a try. Go into a new hobby with an open mind and open heart. You don’t need to be an expert at it. Sometimes things can be just for fun!

focus on small wins

How often do you focus on the small wins that lead to achieving the bigger goal? Start giving yourself a little pat on the back when you make small progress. Writing your first blog post or signing up for a class is a big deal! It may seem small in the grand scheme of things but they are steps towards the bigger goal and without those steps… there would be no progress. You will be a lot happier with yourself when you focus on the journey.

have something to look forward to

Does anything make you happier than having a vacation to look forward to? You spend the weeks leading up to it SO excited. It makes the days better because you know there is something great coming. But why do those feelings only need to be for something big that happens once a year? Start creating small events to look forward to. Set up coffee dates, drinks with a friend, go to a local concert, or whatever you enjoy doing! Make those smaller events happen more often.

schedule time for personal development

So, we chatted about personal development and doing it for the sake of wanting to (not NEEDING to). If learning and growing makes you feel happy and fulfilled then take some time every day or week to do that. Maybe it’s in the form of a podcast or audiobook. Or it could be taking a class or discussing ideas with others. Learning and improving is a never-ending adventure and it can be fun and fulfilling. Scheduling time for it will also take the stress off if you struggle to find the time otherwise!

practice gratitude

It is a small but mighty practice that will surprisingly make you a more positive person. Even on bad days, there is something to be grateful for. Just like focusing on the small wins can help you feel better about your goal progress, focusing on what you are grateful for can magnify all the wonderful things in life. Try ending your days by writing down 3 things you are grateful for from that day. It could be something as big as celebrating a new job to something small like your morning coffee. 

small changes, big results

In the end, creating small changes in your life or incorporating “happiness habits” is something that anyone can do right now. I think we all strive to live happier lives and happiness does not need to come from achieving your biggest dreams. Of course, don’t give up on your dreams BUT remember that between now and your dreams is a lot of life to live and there is no better time to be happy than right now. 



If you enjoyed learning how to live a happier life from Deanna, be sure to go check out her amazing blog!  She posts all about self-development, wellness, and more!

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love, marissa

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