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How I Met My Husband

can you feel the love tonight…?

Today, December 17, marks 5 years since I texted Nick in the hopes of rekindling our little middle school romance.  And the rest is history. (; 

To celebrate, I thought it would be fun to explain how I met my husband – basically tell you guys how it all went down.  It’s a pretty great story, if I do say so myself.

how i met my husband

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when and where did we first meet?

We didn’t really have a first “meeting,” but we first saw and found out about each other in June of 2014.  

We were both participating in our middle school’s summer conditioning program for cross country – cute, right? 

what were our first impressions of each other?

N: I thought you were really cute, and I figured you were pretty cool because you were my sister’s cool math teacher’s daughter.  

M: I don’t remember having a single thought about Nick until almost a year later when we ran track together.  When I did start noticing him, I just thought he was pretty cute.

who made the first move?

Nicholas texted me on Facebook messenger in May 2015 and said, “Hey,” and asked if I was going to a track meet the next day.  We chatted for a few minutes that night, made eye contact multiple times at the track meet the next day, and solely talked through text.  For months.

who said “I love you” first?

Nicholas (hehe).  We told each other we were crushin’ around the end of the summer of 2015, and he said the L word literally 2 months later.  Desperado, much?

I, on the other hand, have no idea when I first said the L word, but it was probably a couple months after he did.

where was our first date?

Olive Garden – the best of the best.  

My parents picked us up after cross country practice and drove us to Olive Garden because neither of us had our licenses.  

Then, because it was my birthday, I had a sleepover at Alex’s house and dished all the dirty deets of my first date.

Fun fact: we went to the same Olive Garden over a year later (when we were 17), and the offered us drinks of the alcoholic sort… I should have said yes, but we were good people and explained that we were much too underaged to be drinking. (;

when did we know we wanted to marry each other?

N: I would say I knew I eventually wanted to around senior year of high school.  I had thought about it my junior year, but senior year was when we spent a lot of time together since we took classes at Eastern.  And that was pretty cool.  

M: I can’t really tell you a specific time (or time period) where I knew I wanted to marry Nick; I think I kind of just always knew that it would probably work out that way.  

*I would like to add that Nicholas Jay Henry texted me when we were in our texting-only phase as 14-YEAR-OLDS that he thought about what it would be like to be married to me.  You could say I had him wrapped around my finger. (;

how did we know we wanted to marry each other?

N: It was kind of a mixture of wanting to spend all my time with me and how much of an impact you have on my emotions.  And I generally just felt better whenever I was with you, and I could picture enjoying my time with you for the rest of my life.  And I just loved you.  I didn’t think I’d ever regret marrying you, so I was like, “Why not…?”  

Boy, was I wrong!


what are our favorite memories of us in the early stages of talking/dating?

N: The first time we said “I love you” in person instead of over text.

M: I think my favorite part of the talking stage was just feeling really excited when I would get a text from Nick, and all we did was talk all day long, and it was just super fun. ((:

what are our favorite recent memories of us?

N: I really like all of our road trips that we’ve done.  My favorite was going from home to Utah to Iowa (the most recent one with just us).

M: Yesterday (Wednesday) when I had the whole afternoon to myself and we went to the gym together.  Nick ran while I did an upper body workout, and then we got a snack before sitting in the sauna, pool-walking, and chillin’ in the hot tub.  Then, we came home and ate dinner, delivered goodies to friends, and just hung out. (:

what’s your favorite part about our relationship?

N: I like how, compared to everyone else, you and I are both very weird, so we just get to have that with each other.  And we both care about each other a lot, and we both enjoy being active, so we get to do a lot of stuff together.  And we got lots of good conversations! 

M: I also like how weird we are and how comfortable we are being weird with each other.  And the fact that we’re just super comfortable in general with each other because we can talk about anything and act like psychos. (;

did we ever think about breaking up?

Yes, we broke up for a week after Nick moved to college (because Nick was a dumb little 18-year-old – his words, not mine).  And, of course, we “broke up” when we were 14 because Nick was a dumb little 14-year-old (Marissa’s words this time).  

Other than that, no, not at all.



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