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happy tuesday!

Thought I’d do a fun post today – a get to know me q+a!  I answered lots of fun questions, so I’m excited to share with all of you. (: If anything surprised you, I’d love to know what it was!  


if you could live anywhere, where would it be?

NEW ZEALAND!!!  I’ve wanted to visit for years, and I can’t wait for the day we are finally able to.  Hopefully I can convince Nick to move there eventually!

what motivates you?

This is kind of a tough one to answer because my motivation has been very inconsistent lately, but in general I’m motivated by…

helping people, making a difference, making people laugh/smile, wanting to make myself proud, wanting to prove to someone that I can do something, money (who isn’t), and just doing things that make me feel good. (:

what’s your favorite thing about life right now?

I think my favorite thing about life right now is the people I’m around.  I’m a true believer that the people you’re surrounded by can make or break an entire experience, and luckily, I have some great people in my life.  

It’s so fun to live with Nick and get to see him everyday, but it’s also awesome to be around our friends and have so much fun all the time. (:

However, I love pretty much everything about life right now!  The city we live in, the school I’m going to, the classes I’m taking, our cute lil room, all the time Nick and I get to spend together… everything.  We’re so so lucky. :’)

what’s your proudest accomplishment?

Hmmm… probably running 20 miles on my birthday.   It was SO much fun, and I definitely surprised myself by getting it all done without much struggle. (: 

what’s your dream job?

Right now, my dream job is to be a health coach.  I’m planning to finish college with a degree in public health (and minors in biology and psychology), and hopefully while I’m in school I’ll be able to enroll in a health coaching course (which takes anywhere from 6-12 months).  If I can’t do it while I’m in school, that’ll be what I do right after graduation.

I might work in a “regular” public health job for a while after graduation if I need to since it’ll take some time to build up my own health coaching business, but we’ll see what happens. (:

I also would love to go to graduate school for public health because it’s super interesting to me, so I’ve also thought about doing that while I work on my health coaching business.  We shall see what happens over the next few years; I can’t wait to find out myself! ((:

favorite song currently?

Oooo, this one is always hard for me.  I listen to so much music that I have a hard time picking a favorite song, band, artist, etc… but I think I’m gonna have to go with Evergreen by Jake Wesley Rogers.  Thank me later. (:

any nicknames?

Rissa, Riss, Mariss… and I may or may not have used to call myself “Wassy”(;

who would I want to be stranded with on a deserted island?

Definitely Nick.  He would keep me entertained, for sure.

what are your hobbies?

Running, golfing, going on walks, blogging, reading, hanging out with family and friends, listening to lots of music, and getting hyper at the worst times possible.

best vacation you’ve been on?

This is a tough one, but probably my family’s trip to Orlando a couple years ago.  We went to Universal, spent a day at the beach, swam a lot in the Universal Resort pools, and lots more… it was SO fun!!  

Nick and I have a couple trips coming up, though, and we are super duper excited for them!!!  They might beat the Orlando vacation (gasp).

favorite holiday?

CHRISTMAS.  Not even a debate.  100% hands-down Christmas.  Actually, I need to go listen to Christmas music right now.

how would your family and friends describe you?

I asked a few people what words they would use to describe me and here are some: 

Organized, dedicated, positive, inspirational, driven, energetic, an OCD trigger (thanks to my sister), kind, thoughtful, funny, smart, calm, annoying (guess who), female, married, twenty (those last 3 were courtesy of my brother), understanding, emotional, gorgeous (Nick’s so sweet), annnnd weird. (;

current read?

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do – a great read, I’d recommend it for anyone!!  It’s a great self-help book that discusses all the common traps people fall into that set them back – and what you can do to avoid those. (:

are you an introvert or extrovert?

I took a personality test last year and was almost right down the middle.  I learned more toward introverted, but I definitely have some extrovert in me.

if you came with a warning label, what would yours say?

“WARNING: Subject may appear normal, but under specific circumstances, subject is extremely excitable.” – Nicholas Henry

where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself running my own health coaching business, having/raising lots of crazy kids, living in our own cute little house somewhere we love (not sure where that is yet), with some doggos.  Hopefully we’ll be able to travel a lot and will be having tons of fun with our own lil fambam. :’)

what song always gets you dancing?

Honestly, I can get pumped to any song – slow, happy, sad, upbeat, you name it.  But here are some that will always get me up and at ’em without fail:

Low – FloRida

That’s What I Want – Lil Nas X

Walls Could Talk – Halsey

Basically any good country song

HUMBLE. – Kendrick Lamar

What the Hell – Avril Lavigne

History – Olivia Holt

And whatever song(s) I’m currently obsessed with

Sooo… yeah, basically any song.

what’s your favorite season and why?

FALL.  It’s so cute and cozy and chilly and I LOVE IT.  I love getting out my sweaters and hoodies and getting to cuddle up with lots of blankets at night.  I also love rainy fall days, and the leaves changing color is always SO GORGEOUS.  Fall just makes me feel some type of way.

which family member are you closest to?

Probably my sister, but my dad and I are pretty close, too.  I’m also his favorite child, so there’s that. (;

if you could relive one moment in your life, what would it be?

Ahhh… this is so hard.  I think if I could relive any one moment in my life, it would either be when Nick proposed to me, our wedding ceremony, orrr when we met up while I was visiting Iowa for the first time (it was the first time we’d seen each other in almost 3 months). (:

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