Easy Breakfast Ideas

easy breakfast ideas

I’m always looking for new breakfast foods that are yummy, nutritious, and easy to put together.  Here are some of my favorites that I’ve discovered so far! 


easy, nutritious breakfasts


overnight oats

You can customize overnight oats in SO many different ways… but my favorite flavor combination is peanut butter + chocolate, so here’s my favorite recipe! (:


+ 1/2 cup oats

+ 1/2 cup milk/milk substitute

+ 1 serving of chocolate protein powder (you could use any other flavor, too!)

+ 2 tbsp peanut butter

+ chia seeds (optional)

– Mix these together and leave in the fridge overnight.  Right before eating, I like to add some extra ingredients for more flavor.  Some of my favorites include…

+ raspberries

+ banana slices

+ granola

+ chocolate chips!

bowl of oats with berries

yogurt parfait bowl

yogurt parfaits

These can also be customized super easily!  You can toss whatever you like in a yogurt parfait, but if you need some suggestions, here’s my favorite way to mix up a yummy yogurt-y breakfast. (:

+ Oikos vanilla Greek yogurt

+ a scoop (or two or three) of peanut butter

+ granola

+ alllll the berries (my favorites are raspberries and blueberries)

+ chocolate chips for a little extra sweetness (:

P.S. This mixture without the berries is a super delicious peanut butter + chocolate dessert – reminds me of PB + chocolate ice cream!! 

kodiak cakes

This pancake/waffle mix is one of my favorites!!  They’re super filling, delicious, and extremely easy to make/prepare.  You can buy the mix on its own or try the frozen waffles/flapjacks – both are amazing!

I love to throw some vanilla yogurt or peanut butter on top and then sprinkle with berries, banana slices, and/or chocolate chips.  Or, if I’m feeling like I want something sweeter, I go for the syrup instead of yogurt or PB.  

Also, if you want frozen waffle flavor recommendations, the dark chocolate and blueberry flavors are my favorites. (:

plate of pancakes and sausage

egg scramble

I’m not crazy about eggs, but sometimes they really hit the spot (I only eat them scrambled).  I usually pair them with something else, like pancakes or a yogurt parfait.  My favorite way to make scrambled eggs is as follows:

+ a couple eggs (obviously)

+ turkey sausage or bacon crumbles

+ handful of spinach

+ lotsss of pepper and other seasonings (depending on what we have)

+ maybe a sprinkle of cheddar cheese on top

breakfast sandwich

breakfast wrap or stack

If you want a little bit of everything, this is definitely the breakfast for you.  I love the amount of flavor I can taste in a breakfast wrap or sandwich… it’s hard to beat.  Here’s what I like to put in my wraps and stacks! (:

+ English muffin/tortilla/bread (whatever floats your boat)

+ scrambled eggs

+ turkey slices/sausage/bacon

+ cheddar cheese

+ spinach (sometimes)

+ seasonings, of course!


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