day in the life of a married college student

Day in the Life of a Married College Student

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a college student is like?  Or specifically, what a day looks like in MY life?

College looks quite a bit different than high school, which brings along many pros and cons.  However, it can be somewhat of a shock to many individuals.

For one, you have a LOT more independence in college.  It’s not like high school where you can’t skip a class without your parents finding out; you can do whatever you want whenever you want.  Of course, those choices come with consequences, but ultimately, it’s all up to you.

A college schedule is also, oftentimes, much more flexible than your regular high school routine.  You spend less time in the classroom per day, you have longer breaks in between classes, and you also have a lot more control over your schedule.

Some people welcome these new ways with open arms, while others are unsure how to handle it at first.  Whatever boat you’re in is totally fine, but remember that some people need more time to adjust, and that’s okay!

The two main things that I think people struggle with the most is time management and learning how to study for college exams.  Luckily, I’ve written excellent posts on both of these topics!

If you need help improving your time management skills, check out this post!  And if you’re wanting some study help, click here! ((:

day in the life of a married college student

Reminder: this is what a normal day in the life might look like, but it doesn’t always look like this!  


light shadows on wall

6:00 – Rise & Shine

Both Nick (my husband) and I like to get an early start to the day.  It makes me feel more productive, more awake, and I love getting to enjoy more of the day! 

We’ll usually spend a few extra minutes in bed after our alarm goes off cuddling, talking, stretching, and waking up slowly.  The one thing I try not to do while I’m still in bed in the morning is go on my phone because I find that I usually get sidetracked and end up spending way too much time scrolling social media if I do that.

7:00 – Get Ready for the Day

Today, we were pretty slow at getting up and at ’em compared to a normal day in the life, so I wasn’t out of bed until around 7:00.  Once I did get up, I started getting ready for the day and then made a yogurt bowl for breakfast.

While eating, I watched Love Is Blind (100% recommend!) on Netflix.  After I finished my yogurt bowl, I washed the dishes that were piled up in the sink and cleaned the apartment up a little bit.  A clean space = a clear mind!

8:30 – Work on Laptop

aesthetic desk

Before I headed off to class, I did a little bit of work on my laptop: sent out my weekly newsletter (which you should definitely sign up for!), turned in a homework assignment, and got all caught up on emails.

9:00 – Class #1

My first class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays is religion, and we just worked on a group assignment in class today.

10:00 – Gym

I didn’t have my 10:45 class today like I normally do, so I went to the gym to run and do a leg day workout, which was a lot of fun!  I hadn’t run in about a week because of some pain I’ve been having in my foot, so getting to run today felt so good.

I love getting my workout in earlier in the morning so that I don’t have to worry about making time for it later in the day.  Plus, it gives me an extra pep in my step, and I just love that boost of energy!

11:00 – Homework

Before my second class of the day, I hung out on campus and worked on some homework.  Changing up the scenery when studying or working on my laptop is an amazing way for me to feel refreshed, more motivated, and just so much more excited about getting work done!


12:00 – Class #2

I have Spanish class at noon three times a week, so I spent an hour there before heading back home to our apartment.

1:30 – Shower & Eat Lunch


Once I got home, I desperately needed to take a shower, so I hopped in and scrubbed myself clean.

Since it was a hair-washing day, I used a new product that I bought over the weekend in the hopes of restoring my natural hair style (which I think is curly).  It’s been over 6 hours since I used it, and it seems to have made my hair a little wavier than normal, so that’s exciting!

I also made lunch after my shower: pasta with pesto and plant-based sausage while listening to my favorite podcast (What We Said).

3:00 – Work

I headed to work a little before 3:00, took a COVID test when I got there (it was negative!), and then headed off to the part of the building I work in.

I’m learning a new position, so I was mostly shadowing and training today, but it was still a lot of fun.


7:30 – Work at Home

I got off work at 7:00 and headed home to my Nicky-poo!  

Usually when I get home, we chat for a little bit about how our days went, what we did, and all that, which is one of my favorite parts of the day, honestly!  

Then, I started to get to work on this day in the life blog post. (;

8:15 – Eat Dinner

Nick is an angel and makes dinner for me just about every night, but tonight I ate a little later than normal.  While I was eating my dinner, which was a rice bowl with potatoes and bell peppers, I watched some more Love Is Blind (because I’m OBSESSED), and then I got back to working on this post!

9:15 – Nighttime Routine

face roller things

Nick and I usually try to bed in bed between 9:00 and 9:30 so that we’re not too tired when we get up at 6:00.  

But before we get to bed, I’ll usually do a 5-minute core workout (unless I did it that morning), stretch a little, and do all the usual things: brush my teeth, change into pajamas, and get in bed!


thank you for being here ((:

That’s what a somewhat normal day in the life as a married college student looks like!  If you want to see more content like this, head over to my Instagram to keep up with me, or visit the college section of my blog for more school-related content!

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