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A Summer Day in My Life

a summer day in my life

a summer day in my life (:


Nick and I are currently spending a month in Utah relaxing, exploring, and just having fun together!  That being said, we don’t have a strict schedule, but we do like to have somewhat of a routine in our lives, so here’s (approximately) what a summer day in my life looks like.  





doggy snuggles

wakey wakey

Nick’s alarm goes off at 7 every morning, but we don’t always get out of bed right away.  Sometimes we are up and at ’em, but most days we take our time.  


workout / warm up for the day

After getting out of bed, Nick will go on a run while I either do my own workout or hang out inside.  Sometimes I’ll get a few “adulting” things done, journal, listen to Spotify, clean up the room, or maybe even sleep in a little. (;

As it gets closer to the time Nick is supposed to be finishing up his run, I might start planning breakfast and getting it ready.



eat, relax, & enjoy each other’s company

Once Nick is back from his morning run, we usually eat right away.  And then after breakfast, we get to just kick back and relax (unless we have errands to run).  We love watching Netflix, so that’s one of our favorite pastimes, along with playing Guitar Hero, reading, working on our own things.  

Depending on what time we ate breakfast, we might make lunch or just eat some snacks.

nap time!

Pretty sure this is Nick’s favorite time of the day. (; Sometimes I think he could sleep forever if nothing woke him up.  Usually there’s a 2 or 3-hour window that he likes to nap during, and the leftover time that he doesn’t spend sleeping is usually spent watching an episode or two of whatever show we’re hooked on at the moment, reading, or scrolling on his phone.

For me, this is usually the time when I read, work on this blog, watch YouTube or scroll through social media, and – occasionally – sleep.  

snack time + recharge

After our nap / rest time is over, we’re usually a little hungry, so we’ll grab a snack or two and spend some time together (usually relaxing – imagine that) before we work out again.  

This time is super nice because we’re able to recharge before running and spend some quality time together after a few hours of doing our own thing.


workout mat



While Nick is out running at night, I usually am doing the same (although much less than him).  I also like to walk for a bit after I finish up my run because it’s nice to be outside as the sun is going down, especially if I’m listening to a podcast.  

Once I’m done with my run, I just hang out until Nick gets back.  Sometimes I’ll start dinner so we can eat as soon as he’s back, but that doesn’t always happen.


We don’t always start dinner this late (sometimes Nick gets back earlier), but we have gotten used to eating a later-than-normal dinner.  It’s super nice to get some time with just the two of us to cook and eat after working out; it might be my favorite part of the day. (:


If possible, we try to be in bed as close to 10:00 as possible, but it really depends on what time Nick leaves for his run, how long his run in, and how long making dinner takes us.  

After dinner, we’ll do the dishes, shower, and get ready for bed.  Once we’re in bed, we usually fall asleep pretty quick, but occasionally I’ll read and/or journal before I hit the hay.

I hope you enjoyed reading through a summer day in my life! (: Every day is always a little different, but this is what we are normally up to – in case you didn’t notice, we LOVE to relax. (;

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