7 of the Best Last-Minute Gift Ideas

raise your hand if you procrastinated gift shopping this year…

Me too!  As always.

But don’t worry, I have some great last-minute gift ideas that won’t cause long-term damage to you or your wallet.  AND these are all still very thoughtful gifts that will make it seem like you totally have your life together.

7 of the best last-minute gift ideas

cookies on baking tray

box of treats

A classic Christmas gift… a box of alllll the goods.  Cookies, fudge, candy, and sweets GALORE!

You can bake these yourself and pack everything into cute little boxes, or even buy a pre-packaged one if you don’t have the time or just flat-out do not enjoy that stuff. (;

gift card or cash

I’ve never met anyone on this planet that didn’t like getting cash or gift cards as gifts… just make sure it’s a gift card they are likely to use if that’s the route you choose!

chore coupons

These are GREAT for parents, significant others, or anyone you live with that you have to share responsibilities with.  

Make coupons that offer to do the dishes, vacuum the house, walk the dog, clean the bathroom… anything that’s often seen as a chore.  Even better if you can do the things that they HATE doing; that’ll make it even nicer. (:

free night of babysitting

Wonderful gift for parents!!  Offer to babysit the kid(s) for free one night so they can get out and have a lil date. (:

an experience

I LOVE when people gift me an experience!!  I’ve been given concert tickets, a shopping trip, a plane ride home for the holidays (thanks, Mom and Dad), and more!

More experience ideas include:

  • tickets to a sporting event
  • road trip
  • date night (check out my post all about winter dates for some ideas!)


If you’re shopping for an avid reader, books are a great way to go!!

It can be tough to shop for a reader if you don’t know what kind of books they enjoy reading, so if you’re stuck in this situation, that’s where a gift card for a bookstore or subscription (see below) can come in handy!

a subscription

There are SO many subscriptions out there… flower arrangements, books, beauty supplies, and more!

Just search around for subscriptions online and you’re sure to find one that works for everyone on your list!  I bet you can get some good deals during the holiday season, too!

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