7 Benefits of Working with a Health Coach

There are SO many benefits of working with a health coach; and every person is going to have different experiences, which means different perceived benefits, but one thing is very clear: a health coach is helpful when trying to reach health-specific goals!

Think about it: athletes have fitness coaches, many successful people have life coaches, just about everyone has a mentor or someone they look up to… it’s no wonder that health coaches can help people reach their goals and improve their lives! 

While there are countless benefits of working with a health coach, here are my top 7!  If you’re interested in working with a health coach, shoot me a message over on Instagram, and I’d love to offer you a free health history consultation! (:

7 benefits of working with a health coach

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Goal setting

One major part of working with a health coach is setting goals and receiving guidance while going after your biggest health and wellness dreams!  

Goal setting is often seen as an easy thing to do, and it really can be quite simple, but it’s not as easy as some people think.  If goal setting were easy, everyone who set goals would be going after them all the time! 

What most people miss when setting goals is extremely important: it’s having a “why” and being specific about what exactly you’re trying to achieve.  A health coach can help you determine your “why” behind all your goals, which helps keep you motivated and moving toward your dreams.

Plus, we often scare or doubt ourselves when setting goals; we want to set goals that we KNOW we can reach without strenuous amounts of effort.  But really, our dreams should freak us the f*ck out.  It’s better to dream big when setting goals, so having a health coach who is there to push you to set goals you never thought possible for yourself is super helpful!


Another great benefit of working with a health coach is being held accountable for your goals!  Have you ever set a goal and then never thought about it after that moment?  I know I’ve been there, done that.

With an accountability buddy, things are often much easier and more exciting.  Take an exercise partner, for example… most people prefer working out with someone rather than on their own because it’s more fun AND they’re more likely to be successful!

When someone else is holding us responsible for reaching our goals, we’re more likely to put more of an effort in because someone else is watching us.  If we’re chasing goals in secrecy, it’s a lot easier to keep putting those goals off and letting them drop down on our list of priorities.


Another wonderful benefit of working with a health coach is the connection formed between client and coach.  While working with a health coach, you are likely to grow closer to them and maybe even consider them a good friend afterward. 

You’ll get to know each other well and will grow used to spending lots of time discussing your hopes, goals, dreams, and personal challenges.

Not only will this connection with your health coach help you feel more confident in the work that you are doing with your coach, but it will also help you feel better in your day-to-day life.  You’re likely to feel more supported with a coach by your side, and this special connection will only add to your life!


Coaches provide accountability, support, and… encouragement!!  A coach should 100% believe in you and your ability to reach your goals, and they should encourage you to believe in yourself and go after your dreams too!

Your health coach should be your number one cheerleader, celebrating all your wins – no matter how big or small.  They are there to encourage you to be the best you can possibly be!!


Along with the encouragement and support, your health coach should be knowledgeable about all things health and wellness; they should also be able to educate you on the topics you’re needing help improving.

Now, let’s get this clear: a health coach – or any other professional, for that matter – does not need to know every single thing there is to know about health.  That’s impossible. 

But they should have a substantial amount of background knowledge – enough to support you along your health journey.  And they should also be able to admit when they are unsure of something, and then try to find the answers in order to best serve you!!


Yet another benefit of working with a health coach is the amount of increased confidence you will have about all aspects of your life! 

As you start to make positive changes in your life, you will become more and more confident in the decisions you’re making for your health, and you’re likely to feel improved confidence both physically AND mentally!

I think confidence is one of the most valuable gifts anyone could ever give someone.  Feeling confident in yourself and your life is unlike anything else, and this feeling of unwavering faith in your abilities to make a dream life for yourself positively affects every other aspect of your life.


Ah yes, the benefit you have been waiting for all along… FINALLY!  Of course, health coaches help improve your overall health!!  That’s actually the whole job. (;

Because everyone is a bio individual with different health goals, health coaches are likely to take unique approaches with each client, but one thing is the same… the main goal of working with a health coach is to improve your health.

Maybe your health is improved through diet and exercise, or maybe it’s through improving your finances and social life.  Your personal health goals and “problem areas” of life determine how your coach chooses to help you improve your health and life!



If you’re interested to see how YOU can benefit from working with a health coach, reach out to me for a totally FREE health history consultation

As always, thank you for being here!  Be sure to share this post with anyone who might be interested in finding out how a health coach can help them reach their goals. 

love, marissa

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