Dorm Decor on a Budget

dorm decor on a budget

College move-in days are coming up quick, which means many of us are trying to decide what decor to bring with us to make our spaces feel like home.  It can be fun to shop for new decorations, but the actual spending money part?…not that enjoyable (at least to me).  However, there are plenty of stores and products that provide cute room decorations for prices that don’t break the bank.  Here are some of my favorites!



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curtain string lights

These curtain string lights from Target are super cute, easy to set up, and will look perfect in every room – especially since they come in 3 colors.  They’re also extremely affordable (only $15!) and lasted me through the whole school year.  In fact, I’m planning on using them again next year! 

The only issue I had with these is that the first box I got worked once and then the lights would not turn back on, even after changing the batteries, but Target replaced them at no extra charge – and I didn’t even have to return the old ones.

throw pillows

These throw pillows from Five Below are SO comfy and the perfect size for any bed.  They look great and feel much better than you’d probably expect from a $5 pillow.  Nick and I bought these while we were in Utah and used them while watching TV, taking a nap, reading, going to bed… we love them!

white board calendar

White board calendars are AMAZING!  In college, you’re really going to want to know what’s due on what day, what exams and quizzes you have coming up, any extracurricular activities, your work schedule… it can get overwhelming.  That’s why I like to have a white board calendar; it’s easy to use, and it’s super helpful to have all of your most important things laid out for you to see every day.  The calendar that’s linked here is not one that I’ve used (I couldn’t find the one I bought last year), but this one has great reviews.  If you prefer weekly calendars over monthly ones, Target has those too! (:


lamp desk organizer

This lamp desk organizer was one of the best school supplies I bought last summer.  It might not be a super fun piece of dorm decor, but it’s really nice to have on hand.  It’s sleek, simple, and provides extra lighting AND space for organizing your office supplies.

comfy seating

A comfortable chair to relax in when you’re not working at your desk or laying in bed is really nice to have.  This dish chair from Target (if you can’t tell yet, I love Target) is durable, easy to store (if folds up really nicely!), and pretty comfy.  It’s also only $25, which is a great price for a comfy spot to relax and curl up with a book, watch Netflix, or hang out with friends.


It’s no argument that plants and greenery make a room feel lighter, cleaner, and happier!  Adding some pops of color with any kind of plant(s) can make a huge difference, but if you’re hesitant because of the responsibility of watering, planting, re-potting, and anything else you might need to do, don’t worry!  Target has fake plants for as little as $5!!  I bought one for my desk in the fall and it still looks as great as the day I bought it. (:

a mirror

Mirrors, I feel, are often forgotten when thinking about decor for a room, but they can make a big difference in the functionality and look of a certain space.  Small mirrors, like the one linked, are really nice for traveling and moving around (great for college), but larger sizes are also great for decorating and checking yourself out. (;

wall decor

Wall decor might be the most important decoration pieces for a room, especially if you want it to feel home-y.  If you’re moving into a new space and you’re worried about making it your own (like a dorm), buy and/or bring wall decor that you absolutely love.  There are so many great stores that have super cute (and affordable) wall decor; check out Target, Etsy, Walmart, and whatever other stores you love shopping at! (:

wall hooks

This wall hook from Natural Life isn’t the one I used in my dorm room last year; I actually had two small ones instead of a bigger piece, but they were really durable and high-quality.  In fact, the sticky piece that they provide to mount the hook to the wall is so incredibly strong that I couldn’t get it off my wall the day I moved out!  


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