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5 Powerful Mindset Hacks to Change Your Life

Today we have a guest on the blog!  Her name is Disha, and she blogs over at Stunning New Life, where she loves sharing her personal growth journey in the hopes that it can help others in some way. At Stunning New Life, Disha’s mission is to help and show you how you can live your life to the fullest!

The mind is more powerful than we thought. You can believe and become anything you want in life; that all depends on your mindset. 

No matter what you do in life, your mindset will always affect it in a positive or negative way. You choose it. 

If you are currently not where you want to be in life, chances are your mindset is holding you back.

But shifting your mindset will surely help you in a positive way.

Today in this post, I’ll be diving into 5 easy mindset hacks that will help you to change your life (for the better). 

5 Powerful Mindset Hacks to Change Your Life

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You procrastinate when you don’t like the work you do

There are many reasons why we procrastinate. One of them is when we don’t like to do something, we start procrastinating. For example, let’s say if you don’t like the majors you study at university, but you have exams starting next month.

Now, this is something that will make you overwhelmed and stressed because you know you have to study even if you don’t want to, and if you won’t, you may fail. We all hate failing, so you’ll automatically start to procrastinate. 

But to be honest, if you want a permanent solution, either you can develop an interest in that particular major that you are studying (yes, that’s possible!), or you can completely switch to something that you absolutely enjoy and love doing. 

You can become what you want just by shifting your mindset

Change feels uncomfortable but is necessary if you want to grow. Let’s say you want to start a business but you have never done it before. You worked in a corporate job for maybe 10 years, and now your priorities are completely different. 

To shift your mindset, I have shared some important mindset hacks that you can try:

  • Read more books related to your business
  • Write and focus on your long term goal(s)
  • Start with small changes in your daily routine

Be More Mindful To Your Thoughts

You are not your thoughts and you can control them”.

Maybe you think you don’t have control over your thoughts, but that’s far from the truth.

I agree that we get a lot of thoughts – positive or negative – in a day, and it’s not quite easy to observe and control all of them.

But the simple mindset hack is to be more mindful of your thoughts. How will you do that? 

This is something I always do and I would love to share it with you as well: all you have to do is close your eyes for a moment and ask yourself, “What am I thinking right now?”

Once you practice it, you will realize that all of your thoughts are gone. You’ll be blank. 

You don’t have to do it daily. Once in a while is enough, especially when you feel your mind is cluttered. 

Self-Talk Matters 

The way you talk to yourself matters more than the way you talk with others. 

If you are someone who always thinks that the universe works against you, not only will this mindset hold you back in life, but at the same time you are blocking many opportunities that could work in your favor.

Affirmations are a great way to start positive self-talk. You can repeat some positive lines in the morning or throughout the day.

Here are some examples:

  • I can achieve anything I want because I believe in myself.
  • My mind is calm and my body is healthy; I am so grateful for it. 
  • I am worthy of happiness and love. 
  • This universe works FOR me.
  • Today I have unlimited opportunities and I’m ready for it.

I have a separate blog post about affirmations that you can find here.

You Can Be Happy; it’s ALWAYS Your Choice

“Happiness has to do with your mindset, not your outside circumstances.”Steve Maraboli

Usually, we think that when we get that job or car or a dream house, we’ll be happy. 

But what if I told you that you can choose to stay happy right now if you want to. 

We often attach our happiness to materialistic things and think that once we get it, we’ll be happy.

Well, that’s true; it feels great when we get anything we wanted for a long time, but at the same time you don’t want to depend on such things to make you happy. Why?

Because firstly, those are temporary, and if you depend on it to make you happy, it can also make you sad in no time when you lose it.  Similarly, you don’t want to depend on any other person to make you happy. 

Happiness is just a state of mind and you can choose to stay happy whenever you want to. 

One helpful tip is to ask questions to yourselves such as:

  • What is something that interests you?  Writing, coding, cooking?
  • What makes you happy?  Maybe you felt great last time when you helped someone in need.

It’s like making a do-list of things that makes you happy.  Once you discover what makes YOU happy, you can practice it even more. 


These are some easy but powerful mindset hacks that I think you’ll find useful. You don’t have to follow all of them; practicing one at a time will definitely make your life better. 



If you liked reading about these mindset hacks, be sure to check out this post with more ways to improve your mindset! ((:


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