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3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Social Media

Years ago, I had a very unhealthy relationship with social media.  I would compare myself to every single post I saw; I’d compare my body, my relationship, everything.  

Eventually, I got so tired of the constant cycle of comparison I was putting myself through, I decided to delete social media.  And you know what?  I immediately began to feel better.

I noticed I was comparing my life to others’ SO much less than before; of course, I was still doing it, but not near as much as when I was on social media every day.

After initially deleting those apps off my phone, it took me a while before I felt like I wanted to get back on.  But eventually, I did.  

And then I went through a few more cycles of deleting and re-downloading social media before I finally reached what felt like a healthy spot.  I had discovered a balance, a way to have a healthy relationship with apps like Instagram.

Over the past couple years, the way I use social media has changed a LOT.  I used to rarely post on any platform, especially Instagram, but now I’ve made it a goal for myself to post a few times a week.  

I also used to feel horrible about myself after getting of social media, and now I don’t.  

If that’s you, if you feel bad after using social media, I want you to know that you are absolutely not alone.  There is an extremely fine balance that you have to find in order to have a healthy relationship with social media.  And that balance will be completely different for everyone, so the most important thing to remember is this: as long as you feel good about what you’re doing, then you’re doing the right thing.

If you think your relationship with social media could use some improvement, here are 3 simple and easy ways to do so.

3 Simple and Easy Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Social Media

smartphone with social media

following detox

The people that you surround yourself with have an extreme influence on how you think, feel, and act, which is why it’s always good to reflect on who these people are and how they may be affecting you. 

Going through my list of the people I’m following/who I’m friends with on different platforms ALWAYS helps improve my relationship with social media, which is why I do it every few months.  

I unfollow every account that either doesn’t make me feel good or I’m just not interested in seeing their posts anymore.  And if one of those unfollows happens to be someone you know personally, don’t hold back from taking care of your mental health and relationship with social media just because you’re scared of hurting their feelings.  

If this is the case, you can always mute someone so that you’re still a follower of their account but you don’t see any of their content.

Just remember: YOU and your mental health come before anything else.

check in with yourself

Before you use social media, check in with yourself, and then do the same after.  If your mood drastically goes downhill after checking Instagram or TikTok, something needs to change. 

Be sure to also notice how social media makes you feel at different times of the day and how it affects what you’re doing.

If you’re spending time with loved ones and are constantly checking your social media apps, and then you get home and realize you weren’t present at all during that time, maybe you need to turn your phone off or leave it in the car while you’re hanging with friends and family.

If checking social media first thing in the morning makes you feel anxious, upset, or just bleh, make a promise to yourself that you won’t check it until a certain time.  Maybe you won’t go on your phone before you get out of bed, or maybe you’ll set a screen time limit, whatever works for you!

intentional use 

Being intentional is crucial for any part of life, but especially when it pertains to social media. 

Too often, we unconsciously click on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform as soon as we open our phone.  When I deleted my social media apps in high school, I would literally open my phone and go to click them without realizing that they weren’t there!!  Isn’t that a little scary?!

If it seems like going on social media is just a habit at this point, then I encourage you to think about what you want to get out of social media.  Use it INTENTIONALLY.

Maybe you go on TikTok after a long day to watch funny videos and have a good laugh… that’s great!  As long as you have an intention (cheering yourself up in this case), that’s totally fine.  But once it turns into mindlessly scrolling, you might want to take a break and close the app.

Or maybe you use Instagram to promote your business… awesome!  But again, don’t mix up your work with mindlessly scrolling because one is intentional (and beneficial) and one isn’t!

If you’re having a hard time not going on social media apps when you get bored or are just trying to break the habit, check out these screen time alternatives!

Social media is a confusing and complex topic.  And honestly, sometimes I think about just deleting it once and for all because not having those apps on my phone definitely had some pros.  

But there are also lots of pros in using social media: I can easily share about my blog to lots of people, I can fundraise, and I can learn from the people that I’m following!

Like anything, social media is not inherently “good” or “bad;” it truly depends on the person behind the screen and how they’re using it that determines if it’s worth it or not.  

I encourage you to think about your relationship with social media and do what’s best for you.  If deleting the app is what’s best for you at this time, do that!  If you just need to make a few tweaks but still love using those apps, make those changes!

It’s all about what works for each individual, so remember to do what’s best for you. (:

Thank you so much for checking out this post; I hope these 3 simple and easy ways to improve your relationship with social media encourage you to reflect on the relationship you have with social platforms. 

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love, marissa

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  1. I love doing a following detox! It feels great to clean up my feed. I am also intentional about my usage. I set my phone into focus mode during work to quiet notifications. I’ve found that I’m on social media way less since I started doing that.

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