couple posing in front of happy birthday banner

5 Party Ideas Everyone Will Love

5 party ideas everyone will love

5 party ideas everyone will love

Nick and I both have birthdays coming up soon (we’ll be 20?!?!), so I figured I would make a list of fun party ideas and suggestions on how to celebrate a special occasion that everyone will enjoy. (:

Enjoy your special day – and happy party planning!

couple posing in front of happy birthday banner

Movie & Dinner

Classic night out on the town – go eat your favorite food with your favorite people before going to view a movie you’ve been looking forward to! If you’re inviting a lot of people, consider renting out a theatre so you can enjoy it all to yourselves.  (You could also celebrate with a movie + dinner night at home if you’d prefer.)


Shopping Spree!

Another classic – go visit your favorite stores and splurge a little! Or, if online shopping is more your thing, treat yourself that way.  Another fun and much more sustainable idea is to check out a thrift or consignment store.  Personally, I LOVE thrifting!  It’s a fun way to update your wardrobe (and maybe even branch out a little) while sticking to a tighter budget and shopping sustainably.  


Cozy Night In

I get it, sometimes you don’t want to go out and get wild (especially when you’re trying to save money)… so stay in and get cozy! Invite your friends over to your place (or rent an Airbnb/hotel room!), have a pajama party, play games, eat pizza and ice cream, whatever your jam is! Personally, when I have a cozy night in, I love to get snuggled up in a comfy bed or couch with a yummy snack and binge-watch a good show on Netflix.  

Bonus points if you have a sleepover and top off the celebrations with a big breakfast/brunch the next day!


Get Movin’!

When you’re not in the mood to relax and unwind in a chill setting, consider an active party! Go roller skating (or ice skating), visit a TopGolf, go check out a cool sunset hike, play a few rounds of laser tag or mini-golf, go swimming/boating, anything you enjoy! I think these ideas are super fun for a group that enjoys being active and trying new things.  


Take a Trip!

If you and your people are travel-lovers and can afford a little vacation, that’s one of the best ways (in my opinion) to celebrate any occasion!  Whether it’s a stay-cation, weekend getaway, or a full-blown week-long trip, I’m sure you and your loved ones will have a blast!  Make sure you plan well in advance for this type of celebration because there can be a lot of moving parts – especially if you plan to partake in any sort of activities!  


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