25 Things I’m Thankful for this Thanksgiving

what are you thankful for?

I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase many, many times over the past week, but I’m here to say it again!

Practicing gratitude is SO important – and not just on Thanksgiving!  (Although I do LOVE Thanksgiving.)

Noticing and acknowledging the things you’re grateful for every day can make you a happier, healthier person.  And becoming a happier, healthier version of ourselves affects everything around us – how we respond to others, our wants and needs, our self confidence, and so much more!

Today, I challenge you to think of 25 things you’re grateful for – write them down if you can!  And continue thinking of at least 5 things you’re grateful for every day after that.  Keep a journal, type them on your phone… whatever you need to do.

And, of course, use my gratitude list below if you need some inspiration! (:


25 things I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving…

  1. A husband (that’s still very weird for me to say) that also doubles as my bestie
  2. Classes that I really enjoy
  3. The opportunity to go to school ((:
  4. Professors that are really nice, helpful, and understanding
  5. 2 new projects that I’m really excited about!
  6. A cute, cozy place to live (:
  7. All the warm blankets we have – and all the people that were involved in the process of making them
  8. Delicious food – and all the work that went into making it (:
  9. Clean water to drink
  10. All of the nice clothes I have in my closet
  11. Technology – especially all of the things we have that allow me to stay in touch with people, work on homework, update this blog, and so much more!
  12. Spotify Premium (100% my favorite subscription)
  13. Entertaining music + podcasts
  14. Jobs I enjoy (:
  15. Christmas being less than 1 month away!!!  Which also means that in less than 1 month, we’ll be in Florida!!!
  16. Great friends that I can always count on
  17. A super close family that I can’t wait to visit so soon!!
  18. Books – and the people that were involved in the process of making them
  19. Access to quality healthcare
  20. A strong, healthy body (:
  21. Heat, electricity, and internet connection so that we can live comfortably, do work from the comfort of our home, and stay in touch with people easily
  22. Feeling safe in the places I live, work, and go to school
  23. A few days off of school, work, and the hustle and bustle of life
  24. Chapstick, lotion, deodorant, soap, toilets, and everything else that allows me to live super comfortably
  25. Pictures and all the memories they help me remember (:



I hope this list of 25 things I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving inspired you to write down some things that you are grateful for! 

I also hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I’m wishing you a very happy holiday season! (:

Stayed tuned this next week because I have TWO new projects that I can’t wait to share with you all…  I hope you like surprises! (:

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