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Summer Life Update

my summer plans

Nick and I have been done with classes for about a month now, but we were super busy with wedding planning during the couple weeks leading up to the big day!  Now that it’s over, we’ve gotten a lot more down time (still doesn’t feel like enough though – haha) which has allowed me to spend more time working on this blog.  Since I’ve coined this page as a “college lifestyle” blog, I wasn’t totally sure what I was going to write about over the summer, but I figured a good place to start would be a summer life update!  

summer life update

During the first half of June, Nick and I were super busy with wedding preparations, but since getting married, we’ve been sleeping in, spending time with family and friends, watching lots of Netflix, and relaxing as much as possible.  Currently, we are house/dog-sitting for some family members before we leave for Utah, where we’ll spend all of July.  We’ve had this trip planned for about six months, so we’re looking forward to exploring a new place and making the most out of our summer vacation! 

While in Utah, we’re going to celebrate Nick’s birthday, spend some time with his sister and her husband, visit some national parks, golf, run, and take a breather after a busy June. (:

At the beginning of August, we’ll return home for a couple weeks to catch up with family and friends and pack up our lives before we head back to Iowa for school.  We don’t have many specific plans this summer – just general travels – but I’ll be sure to update you all every once in a while because I’m sure we’ll be staying busy!



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   some of my favorite pictures from the last month (:

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