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15 Winter Date Ideas

meet me under the mistletoe…

Spread some extra love this holiday season and take your significant other – or even a friend, sibling, or yourself – on a fun date!  

Nick and I try to have a “date night” every week, even if it’s just eating dinner and watching our favorite show together at home.  

The key is to be intentional about time spent on a date – no matter how fancy it is.  We try to stay away from homework, social media, and screens in general – unless it’s the TV and we’re watching it together. (:

Although dates are super fun (and beneficial to your relationship), sometimes date ideas can be difficult to come up with.  But don’t worry!  I’ve got you covered. (;

man and woman at ice skating rink

15 winter date ideas

ice skating

I feel like not many people go ice-skating anymore… but it’s SO fun!!  Be sure to bundle up because it can get chilly, but you are sure to have a great time regardless!  

Oh, and don’t forget to fall on your butt every now and then to humble yourself.

christmas movie night

Hear me out… NOTHING is better than cuddling up with a mug of hot cocoa, a festive blanket, matching pj’s, and your person and watching a ton of Christmas movies all night.

Go check out my Christmas movie line-up post if you’re in need of some movie ideas!

check out the lights

Nick and I went on a spontaneous Christmas light drive last weekend and it made me so incredibly happy; I honestly think this week went so well because of that one date.  Soooo if you don’t have time for all of these dates or are just unsure which one to go through with, CHOOSE THIS ONE!  

Drive around nearby neighborhoods at night and just admire all the wonderful Christmas decorations people put up.  And to make it better, listen to Christmas music while driving!

Check out my Christmas playlist post if you need some song ideas.

theatre trip

Whether it’s a Broadway show or a small-town movie theatre, it’s a win-win!

Go check out a new show or movie that’s been on your (or your date’s) list!

snowball fight

Nothing to lighten the mood and get you two lovebirds laughing like a crazy snowball fight.  You can’t not have a good time throwing snow at someone.

shopping spree

Get your Christmas gift shopping done WHILE on a date!  

I don’t know why, but I always feel like shopping with Nick – no matter what it’s for – is a good, fun time. (:

bake and decorate

Cookies, fudge, gingerbread houses… the choice is all yours!

sporting event

Go check out a hockey game, basketball tournament… maybe even an NFL game?!  Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of sporting events!


Check out local non-profits, hospitals, nursing homes, or anything of the like.  Chances are, they need an extra helping hand around this time of year!

play in the snow

Make a snowman or go sledding… be a kid again!

paint night

Break out those old paintbrushes and paints (or go buy new ones) and get crafty!  You could paint canvases, ornaments, ceramic flower pots… so many different things!  

You could even turn on a Christmas movie or playlist to get extra festive! (:


I. LOVE. BOWLING.  I feel like people forget that bowling is even a thing…?  But it’s so much fun!

This would be a great double date or even just a weekend night activity with friends. (:

winter hike

Hiking in the snow might sound a little rough, but if you find a spot with great views, I’m sure it’ll be so worth it.  

Make sure to bundle up, though!

trampoline park

I WANT TO GO TO A TRAMPOLINE PARK WITH NICK SO BAD.  He’s a little hesitant to say yes, though. (;

But if you and your date are basically energetic kids in the body of adults, this is a wonderful option.  

coffee shop date

This is such a cute, cozy idea – especially when coffee shops have all their holiday items on the menu!  

Not only is this great for a cute little romantic meet-up, it’s also a great idea to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while!


I hope you find these 15 winter date ideas helpful; have fun on those dates! (;

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