12 Simple Ways to Recharge When You’re Feeling Stressed

long week?

Me too.  Nick and I got back to Iowa for school about a week ago, so this was our first week back to classes and work in about a month, and honestly, it was kind of a lot.

To make matters worse, I was sick for the first half of the week, which left me with the second half to recover while simultaneously getting back into the swing of things.

But there are things I’ve been doing to help prevent me from getting too overwhelmed and stressed out, and there are things I’m looking forward to doing this weekend to fully recharge!

If you’re ready to get your stress in check and have a nice relaxing, rejuvenating weekend, you’re in the right place. (:

12 Simple Ways to Recharge When You’re Feeling Stressed

bed with mug and book

vent to a loved one

Sometimes there is nothing better than just getting everything off your chest.

Call up a friend, your parents, or grab your roommate and tell them you’ve got a lot going on and would love to have someone to discuss it all with.

It can be amazing to have someone there to just listen to you, but if you want advice, they’re available for that too!

brain dump

If you’d rather not chat with someone else about your life, you can always brain dump it all out in a journal!

When I brain dump, I like to leave it all out on the line, and I feel so much better after.

Something about writing all your thoughts down is so therapeutic, and it makes your problems seem a lot less big and scary.

get outside

Fresh air and vitamin D can do a whole lot of good for everyone.

Sometimes when I’m feeling overwhelmed or just “off,” getting outside for a few minutes makes a world of difference.

Go on a walk, run, sit down and ponder your thoughts, or stand with the sun in your face and listen to everything going on around you.  No matter what you’re doing, being outside can turn your mood around in no time. (:

work up a sweat

Sometimes when I don’t work out for too long, a lot of energy builds up and I don’t know what to do with it.  I’ll get irritable, moody, hyper, and it’s basically an emotional roller coaster – for me and Nick. (;

That’s why I make it a priority to get some movement in every day – whether that’s hitting a punching bag (or a pillow), going on a walk, running, swimming, strength-training… whatever’s your cup of tea.  

When I’m overwhelmed, a workout can make a huge difference.  And it doesn’t have to be a crazy, hour-long workout either!  Sometimes when I’m stressed, a short but intense session is exactly what I need.

If you aren’t sure what kind of workout to do, check out these two posts on how to make the most of your winter workouts and free at-home workouts you need to try!

pamper yourself

Have a spa day – paint your nails, do a face mask, take a hot bath, do whatever you love to do!

Or… go out and get it done by someone else!  Make a nail appointment, get a facial, book a massage, buy yourself your favorite fancy meal… go get pampered!

read a fun book

Reading, for me, has been another great way to wind down and de-stress, especially before bed!  

I feel so productive and more knowledgeable and just better overall after reading a good book.  Plus, reading before bed helps me get wayyy better sleep than scrolling on my phone.

Check out this reading list that I put together a few months ago!

dance it out!

This might be the simplest of these 12 simple ways to recharge when you’re feeling stressed… all you have to do is turn on your favorite songs and get movin’!  

There’s really nothing else to it. (;

go for a scenic drive

There are few things better than going for a drive with the windows down (or just cracked if it’s cold where you are right now), and the music blasting.

Whether you’re driving alone or with a passenger (or multiple), a drive can be an amazing way to relax, gather your thoughts, channel that good energy, and have a great jam session.

I did this just the other day… not even on purpose since I was driving back from an interview!  But it was so much fun, and I just felt such happy, positive energy all around. (:

watch your favorite show

One of Nick and I’s favorite ways to wind down after an eventful day is to turn on an episode of one of our favorite shows and just relax while we eat dinner and get ready for bed.

If you need a list of shows to watch, I wrote a post all about my Netflix favorites (although it does need some updating since it’s almost 6 months old)!  

You could also watch your favorite YouTubers, find a good documentary on Hulu, or start a movie you’ve never seen before.


Many benefits of meditation are well-known, but it’s still not practiced by many (myself included)!  

Maybe people think it’s too time-consuming, too hard, or maybe some think it just won’t work.  And you know what?  I think I’ve felt all of those things at some point, too.

It might be difficult at first, but it’s very likely to work, and it’s only as time-consuming as you want it to be.  

Meditation may come easier to some people than to others (just as anything else), but the more you work at it, the better you will be.  Plus, the great thing about meditation is YOU decide how much time you want it to take up!

If you want to get in a quick 5 minutes, you can do that.  If you’re more advanced and want to give an hour-long meditation a try, be my guest!

There are many YouTube videos, apps (I like Headspace!), and other resources that guide you through meditations so you’re not all on your own.

Meditation is something I definitely want to do more of, but it’s also something that weirdly intimidates me because I cannot stand the thought of just being still and not thinking about anything.  So if you’re in the same boat as me, I challenge you (and myself) to meditate more often!

You don’t have to do this every day, but the more you do it, the better you will be and the better you are likely to feel. (:

tidy up

If my space is messy and unorganized, it takes a big toll on my stress levels, and my mental health in general.  Because of this, I try to keep my space as clean and as tidy as possible, but sometimes life gets in the way.

Usually, when life gets busy and overwhelming, my space gets messy and overwhelming, so it’s just a huge cycle of stress and anxiety over life and my mess.  

Which is why one of the first things I do if my space is getting messy and out-of-hand is tidy up a bit.  Start small, and work your way around your space until everything is put away.  

No need to rush and feel like you need to get everything done all at once… take your time!  You can even just clean up the space that’s bothering you most, or the space that you need to use next, if clearing out your entire place is too overwhelming to think about.

If you want more tips on how to get – and stay – organized, check out this post!

unplug for an hour

Sometimes when I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, I immediately go for my phone because I think it will help, but usually, it doesn’t!

Scrolling through social media when I’m already mentally worn out does not make me feel any better, which is why I’ve started to opt for something that doesn’t involve a screen when I’m feeling like that.

If you feel similarly, I encourage you to do the same!  Oh, and look at that, I already gave you some activities that can help with stress that don’t involve a screen! (;

Unplugging for a bit can also just clear your brain and make you feel so much more refreshed than you’d be if you spent that time mindlessly scrolling on your phone.  Give your brain, eyes, and body a big ol’ break from staring at screens and unplug for some time. (:



I hope these 12 simple ways to recharge when you’re feeling stressed helped you!

If you enjoyed this post, I would love for you to share it with friends, family, strangers… whoever!  Let’s make the world a little less stressed. (:

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