10 of the Best Screen Time Alternatives

screen time alternatives

I know many of us are probably spending quite a bit of time looking at screens these days.  Whether that’s because you’re super invested in the Olympics, you can’t stop scrolling through social media, you’re working from home, or something completely different… you’re not alone! 

I have definitely been spending more time than I’d like on my phone and laptop, and while screen time is not inherently negative, too much of it can definitely take a toll on us. 

If you find yourself wishing for something else to do besides look at a screen, I have plenty of screen time alternatives for you!  Some are relaxing options, while others might require a bit more energy.  Either way, I hope you find these screen time alternatives helpful and fun! (:


10 screen time alternatives



Reading has recently become one of my favorite pastimes… I AM OBSESSED!  There are so many great book options out there; you are bound to find something you enjoy.  So what are you waiting for?  Go to your local library, order a book online (my favorite website is ThriftBooks!), pick up a book you already have, or borrow one from someone else!

If you’re in need of a recommendation, go check out my summer reading list!  If YOU have any recommendations, leave a comment on this post, my Instagram, or message me; I’d love to add it to my reading list. (:

pile of books


take a nap

Is there anything better than an afternoon nap?


play a game

Board games, card games, outdoor games… whether you want to get a little competitive or just have some light-hearted fun, games are a great screen time alternative – especially if you want to spend some quality time with friends or family.


get outside

There are endless possibilities when you step outside!  You could go for a nice stroll, a tough hike, a run… you could play a round of kickball, softball, pick-up basketball… get some swings in at the golf course, play putt-putt… go boating, swimming, or just relax in the sun.  



cook up something new

Cooking and baking might not sound super exciting since it’s an everyday occurrence for most, but trying out a new recipe can be a fun screen time alternative – especially if it turns out yummy!  


re-vamp your space

Changing and/or cleaning up your space can make a HUGE difference, and it’s a great project to work on when you’re tired of staring at screens.  Turn on some good jams or an interesting podcast episode and get to work!


get crafty

Arts and crafts are just for kids!  Whip out some paint, colored pencils, markers, your sewing machine… whatever you like to use to get crafty!   

painting of clouds


spa time

Sometimes a little relaxation is all we need.  Get out your face masks, nail polish, bath bombs, and whatever else you’d like to use in your personal spa.  Or, if you don’t want to do it all yourself, take a trip to a spa where you can get everything done for you. (: 


shop till you drop

Want a screen time alternative that’s fun, indoors, and can take up as much time as you want?  Go shopping!  Whether you’re searching for something specific or just want to look around, this is a great way to spend some free time.


go for a drive

Drives – especially during the summer – are way too underrated (in my opinion). 

Turn on your favorite playlist or podcast and go wherever you want…

sunset seen from car window







Which of these screen time alternatives are you looking forward to doing most?!  Let me know in the comments! ((:

love, marissa


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